Packaged Solutions

" No need to buy separate software licenses, tools, subscriptions and implementation services "
Our pre-packaged turnkey solutions that include:

DevOps & Implementation Services

Cloud-native based serverless tools and pre-built accelerators

“Pay for what you use” based subscription charges


Data Discovery

  • Discover your data assets

  • Extract schema definitions from various data sources or scan content in files

  • Generate a searchable master dictionary of all entities and data elements


Data Quality

  • Profile data to determine completeness, accuracy, consistency and integrity.

  • Use data visualization dashboards to view results and various metrics

  • Assess quality of your data assets.

  • Includes Data Discovery


Data Integration and Migration

  • One time migration, or on-going integration in real-time or batch

  • Publish data to any destination including data warehouses and data lakes

  • Extract, load and transform data from any source

  • Includes Data Quality


Smart Data Platform

  • Rich APIs for both ingestion, publishing and data management

  • Digital workflows for cross-team collaboration

  • Master and Operational data management

  • Unify diverse data from multiple sources into a single data hub

  • Includes Data Integration and Data Quality

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