Smart Data Platform
Master Plus Operational Data Hub

Leverage Zaavya’s cloud-native serverless platform as an accelerator to modernize all your data management needs

Unified Data Hub

Unify isolated data from various sources to create a centralized and trusted source of reference. Ingest and harmonize all types of master data (customer, product, etc.). Stitch it with operational data (customer interactions, sales, and more) to commoditize data access.

Business Workflows

Use digital workflows to automate and enhance collaboration among cross-functional teams and systems. Improve coordination of all processes for data management and stewardship.

Data Quality

Assess data quality using profiling tools. Employ a rules engine to apply out of the box and scripted rules for ensuring validity, completeness, and integrity of data.

Data Governance

Enforce policies for effective governance by defining security, processes, roles and responsibilities for data authoring, access and sharing.

Data Integration

Share clean and accurate information with every user, application, and process. Federate big data in real-time or batch. Empower application integration with rich APIs.

Data Services

Accelerate new application development or rewrite legacy applications by leveraging the platform to provide flexible and scalable data storage capabilities.

Deliver a Single
View of Trusted Data

Use automated pipelines for managing various phases of the data lifecycle from creation and processing to storage, usage and distribution.


Acquire data from various sources to create a single version of truth. The platform streamlines data ingestion for large data volumes using flexible and scalable data pipelines.


Automate complex business processes to enhance team collaboration and data governance. Enrich, validate, cleanse, and standardize raw data to ensure accuracy, completeness and integrity.


Extract new value and drive actionable insights for business teams by curating clean datasets. Implement advanced analytics for informed decision-making using ML, forecasting, and visualizations.


Use advanced querying and rich APIs to increase real-time data accessibility. Ensure success of your ML & AI initiatives by utilizing trusted, high-quality data.

Key Features

Manage any data, any format

  • CSV, xml, json and others, structured or unstructured, real-time or batch

  • Operational Data

  • Meta-data

  • Reference Data

  • Multi-domain Master Data

  • Hierarchical Data

  • No software or hardware cost to purchase and no licensing fee.

  • Low cost of implementation

  • Faster time to market

  • High performance, availability, and on-demand scalability

  • Serverless architecture means usage-based cloud subscription pricing

  • Full maintenance and support available

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