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Smart Data Platform
Master Plus Operational Data Hub

Leverage Zaavya’s cloud-native serverless platform as an accelerator to modernize all your data management needs

Unified Data Hub

Consolidate fragmented data from disparate sources to create a single version of truth.

Business Workflows

Automate business processes allowing people and systems to work together.

Data Quality

Ensure accuracy, completeness, consistency, and integrity of data.

Data Governance

Enforce policies for effective governance of data and processes.

Data Integration

Integrate with on-prem and cloud applications, data warehouses or lakes in real-time.

Data Services

Provide flexible and scalable data storage services for new applications.

Scale Up Agility and Adaptability

Deliver cloud-native solutions to accelerate innovation and business value with our professional services

Cloud-native Application Development

Build new applications either standalone or requiring integration with existing SaaS and on-prem systems. Automate processes utilizing digital workflows to enhance collaboration and operational efficiencies.

Modernize Application & Data Integration

Increase agility by breaking down monolithic legacy applications into loosely coupled cloud-based microservices. Develop clean, secure APIs to empower fast, flexible and simplified app and data integrations.

Data Catalog – Metadata Management

Discover what data resides where in your organization. Create an inventory of your all data assets by crawling and scanning data repositories, and extracting schema information. Generate a fully searchable, universal glossary of all metadata elements.

Data Profiling & ELT

Assess the quality of existing data across various sources. Get metrics on data duplication, consistency, accuracy, integrity, and completeness. Define automated pipelines for extracting, storing, processing, cleaning and moving of data from source to destination systems.

Advanced Data Analytics

Build cloud-native data warehouse and visualization solutions to gain real-time insights, improve decision making, and accelerate innovation.

Data as a Service

Enable rapid application development by quickly delivering secure and real-time API-based data services for managing and accessing critical data.

Serverless Computing

Reduce operational and development cost by leveraging cloud-native serverless architectures that do not require any provisioning of servers and provide on-demand scalability.

Machine Learning & AI

Use machine and deep learning tools to identify data trends and patterns using machine learning and deep learning tools, and discover actionable insights.

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